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Brittanye Morris is an exceptional candidate for the position of Judge. She is highly respected amongst legal professionals, as she has a distinguished record of civil litigation, transactional law, and education policy. She has consistently demonstrated her dedication to helping working-class families access the resources they need to get ahead and build brighter futures. Over the past decade, Ms. Morris has worked ceaselessly to ensure justice for all individuals in her community. Since taking office in January 2021, Ms. Morris has shown that she is qualified and capable of providing sound judgments in this role. Her knowledge and commitment make her an ideal choice for re-election as Judge.

This election season, make sure your voice is seen and heard! Vote for Brittanye Morris to secure steadfast representatives. She has a wide range of experience in the judicial system. She brings with her trustworthiness, integrity, fairness, and impartiality – essential principles that are necessary for true justice within our society. Re-electing her guarantees everyone access to quality legal representation without bias or partiality – something we all should highly value! Take up the tremendous task of choosing dependable leaders; cast a ballot for Brittanye Morris today!



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You can make an impact in this election by donating to Brittanye Morris’s campaign. Your financial support will go towards helping her reach out to more voters and spread awareness of legal issues that matter to our community. Every dollar counts, so please consider contributing today! Every donation contributes to the cause. You can support Brittanye’s Campaign by donating and clicking the button below or sending a check to PO BOX 42546 Houston, Texas 77242. Your donations will help make this campaign a success and benefit the community. Thank you for your generosity and support!

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You can make a tangible difference in the election by donating your time to Brittanye Morris’s campaign. Your support will ensure that our community receives legal advice with meaningful and lasting effects. Join us in standing for something greater than ourselves – every moment counts! Thank you for being part of this critical endeavor; your kindness is invaluable.

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Let your voice be heard; your vote makes a difference, and know that your opinion is of value. Vote Brittanye Morris for Judge to guarantee that the legal system has an advocate who will persistently fight for equal justice regardless of class or race. We thank you in advance for allocating time to support this cause.

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Brief Biography


Houston native Brittanye Morris was taught early in life the importance of serving others and being the change she
desired in her community. The daughter of an educator and
a retired lieutenant with the Houston Police Department, Brittanye grew up watching her parents work as public
servants and dedicate their lives to helping others. Brittanye knows first-hand the challenges faced by working-class
families striving to create better lives for themselves and their communities.

Because of the hard work and discipline instilled by her
parents, Brittanye graduated high school in three years,
while being an active cheerleader and debate team member. She then attended the University of Houston, where she
graduated with honors with a degree in Political Science. Drawing on her debate experiences and Political Science background, Brittanye decided that she wanted to use her
talents to advocate for Houston residents as an attorney. Brittanye elected to attend a law school with a history of training community advocates and some of the best lawyers and judges in Houston (and the country), the prestigious Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University. While at Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Brittanye had the honor and privilege of representing the law school as a member of its world-renowned mock trial program.

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